50+ Lifestyle Magazine

The 50+ Lifestyle Magazine publication is locally owned and published by Nicole Blais, President of Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. and producer of the annual 50+Seniors Expo.

Our magazine will feature stories and content highlighting health and wellness, nutrition, travel, finances, the latest trends in transition and our community. We will feature EXPERTS in their fields that will provide relevant information about their industry. Also featured will be stories on topics such as gardening, awareness about fraud for seniors, community history, entertainment, travel, arts and culture, family, the great outdoors, remaining healthy as we age and many more. Editorial contributions will and can be provided by baby boomers, seniors and educators who submit them to nicole@gosheniteservices.com. We invite you to share with us your timeless photos of past memories and stories.

The 50+ Lifestyle magazine seeks to have a vision and mission that fosters positive growth in communities by providing a diversity of stories, content and current trends.

These principles will guide our direction:

  • Invigorate and inspire our readers, through originality, humour and connectedness.
  • To enrich our readers with a standard of excellence of our content and stories.
  • Remain true to the foundation of our community “Precious Gems on the Move.

We want to inform our 50+ Seniors by providing them with a FREE quarterly magazine that gives them content, columns, industry experts and editorials about what matters to them.