Publisher’s Message

In the fall of 2016 Nicole first had the idea to create and publish a magazine focused on providing information and news to those in the community who are 50 years young plus, it seemed like a great addition to her Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. business that also produces the annual 50+ Seniors Expo. She was excited about developing and creating the magazine.

Nicole and her team launched the very first edition of the 50+ Lifestyle Magazine on December 11,2017. The magazine’s mission and Nicole’s passion is to engage the readers with information that educates, informs and inspires.

She believes the magazine will continue to evolve and she want to include you, the reader, in the process. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please reach out to her at

Nicole continues to work with businesses, charities, baby boomers and our aging population about the importance of helping others. She is organized and advocate for human kindness. Her personal mission statement for her life “Be kind and helpful to others”! Nicole reminds us how time is of the essence to simplify one’s life.

“The process of developing and publishing the 50+ Lifestyle Magazine has been amazing”.