Moving is among life’s five most stressful ordeals. This stress is far greater for seniors who are often dealing with other challenges at the same time: a major health setback, the loss of a friend or family member, a feeling of vulnerability in their home and the heartache of having to leave it. For seniors, moving is just … harder. They can’t do it alone.

Lifestyles change over time, and part of that is Downsizing or Right-Sizing for your new Condo, Apartment, Retirement Residence or Long Term Care facility. Planning and organizing is the key to success.

Goshenite Transition and Relocation Team will manage, provide guidance, and coordinate services, for you and your loved ones to ensure a smooth transition. We will listen attentively as clients share their stories and memories in order to make the move as comforting as possible.

Initial Consultation Free
Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. offers a one hour initial consultation for free. This allows us to start developing a relationship with our clients, and discuss their needs in order to develop a plan that meets schedule and budget.

Create Floor Plan
We will plan, measure, and discuss the floor plan according to the space. Clients are encouraged to assist with the design of their new space by selecting some of their most treasured pieces of furniture, wall art or heirlooms.

Pack, Label and Inventory
All packing supplies will be brought to the home. Everything will be labelled for storage or new location.

Sorting & Organizing
We will organize everything in your home systematically and sort items by categories pertinent to the move, selling, shipping, recycle, donation or disposal.

Arrange Movers and Home Sale
Coordination and Management of movers. Stage your home for sale.

Pack and Unpack New Residence
We just don’t pack and unpack. Your new home will be completely set up, with beds made, by the end of move day.

Estate – Liquidation Sales
Arrange, manage and coordinate unwanted items to be sold in an Estate or Liquidation sale.

Donate, Recycle and Discard of items.
We will take care of all items that need to be disposed of or donated.