Nicole’s Story

Goshenite Senior Services Inc., was founded by Nicole Blais in 2015. Nicole brings a life- long passion for interest in development, creativity, design and organization that started at the tender age of 7.

Nicole comes from a family of Entrepreneurs. Also, the developer and creator of the very popular fundraiser Dancing with Easter Seals Stars, spent her career by exercising her life’s mission and passion “Be kind and helpful to others” by providing excellent customer service. Organized and detail oriented, Nicole enjoys working with families of Seniors to ensure peace of mind during life transitions changes, interior design, home staging and estate sales. As she continues to work and partner with our community and our aging population the importance of helping others organize and advocate during times of transition, is a gentle reminder of how time is of the essence to simplify one’s life.

Plan ahead, don’t wait! Our mission at Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. is “to facilitate the challenges our client’s and families may face during their lifestyle changes. While respecting, and upholding all of their values during the transition process by providing professional services, dedicated to making the right choice for our client’s transition”. The goal at Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. Transition and Relocation “is to simplify and educate our clients about all options available to them in their community during the transition process.”

“Precious Gems on Move”