Goshenite Seniors Services Inc.


Plan ahead don’t wait! At Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. our goal is to simplify and educate our clients about all options available to them in their community during the transition process. As a former Director of Care, in Sudbury and having worked with discharge planners in the health care field, it became evident that most seniors had not planned for transition, leaving them and their families in CRISIS mode after a life changing event.

Transition is often a daunting one, though, leaving many seniors and their families reeling from the challenges. Often adult children of seniors live miles away and need someone on location to help meet their parents’ needs. This is a chance for Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. Consultants to take on the role of coordinating all aspects of the transition. We are experts in post-retirement transitions. We will answer your questions about how best to deal with your situation and create a detailed plan that accommodates your specific needs.

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. is to facilitate the challenges our client’s and their family may have during their lifestyle changes, while respecting, and upholding all of their values during the transition process by providing professional services, dedicated to making the right choice for our clients transition.

Vision Statement:

Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. will assist seniors in transition by optimizing our client’s individual needs and requirements to ensure their new home is everything they desired.


Respect and trust is the foundation of Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. Trust between our clients and Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. manifest itself through common goals such as respect and honesty. Our clients can rest assured we will go above and beyond to meet their needs.

We conduct all matters of business with integrity. We do what is right, while respecting, and upholding all of clients’ core values during the transition process by providing professional services, dedicated to making the right choice. We proudly uphold the values of honesty, truthfulness and sincerity. The time and effort put into every decision is true to our mission of delivering excellent and superior professional services.

Excellence is achieved through passion, leadership, education, empowerment, responsibility and accountability. At Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. these are virtues we champion and recognize in the services we provide to all of our clients. We are committed to EXCELLENCE both internal and external.

We will provide uncompromised, personalize services that will exceed our clients’ expectations. We are committed at Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. and will remain steadfast to our clients “Precious Gems on the Move”. They are unique, and have all shared with us invaluable life experiences that families will treasure forever.