Estate & Content Sales


People find it stressful to consider all the aspects of sorting, organizing and de-cluttering. Our Estate Sale Management Team is a compassionate and caring team that will assist families in their decisions when liquidating the contents of their home. Our team will help manage the tedious, often emotional tasks of conducting the Estate Sale/Liquidation in a thoughtful and stress free environment to ensure our clients are comfortable and at ease with the liquidation process.

We understand that any downsizing or de-cluttering project can be overwhelming. Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. provides a total solution for sorting, organizing, donations, shipments, packing, Estate/Liquidation Sales.

Sort and Organize
We will organize everything in your home systematically and sort items by designated categories.

Create a catalog of all the objects to be sold including details about category, size, age, functionality, etc.

Document Organization
Documentation will be sorted and filed accordingly. Any documents that need to be destroyed will be shredded.

Shipping Items to Family Members
We understand the importance of family heirlooms. We will pack and ship any items that are required to be sent to family members safely and securely to ensure it will arrive safely and secure to its destination.

Estate/Liquidation Setup and Sale
Goshenite Seniors Services Inc. will coordinate and facilitate Estate/Liquidation sales where the property and goods of a house are sold to the general public. Property will be divided into categories and the quality will be assessed. Pictures of all your objects, either individually or in groups will be taken to serve as references for merchants and for use in advertisements

Donate, Recycle and Discard of items.
We will take care of all items that need to be disposed of or donated.

Cleaning of The Home
We will ensure that your home is spic and span clean.